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Data de înscriere : 21/06/2011

MesajSubiect: MU.ONSKY.RO !!!   Mar Iun 21, 2011 8:53 am
Please use INTERNET EXPLORER or GOOGLE CHROME / AOL for web optimization ( Last mozilla firefox upgrade, has a bug, and doesn't display our website well ).

After you download the game client, please download the new main.exe from the fallowing links:
Direct Link

Version: Season II
Experience: 100x
Drop: 70%
Server Uptime: 24/7
Reset level: 400
Max level: 400
Max stats: 32767
Reset limit: No Limit
Clear PK zen: 50.000.000
Monster HP: 100%
Bless Bug: Off
Create Guild level: 150

Succes Rates
Chaos Machine +10 Items SR: 80% (+luck = +10%)
Chaos Machine +11 Items SR: 75% (+luck = +10%)
Chaos Machine +12 Items SR: 70% (+luck = +10%)
Chaos Machine +13 Items SR: 65% (+luck = +10%)
Chaos Machine Wings : 70%

Bless: not in shop
Soul: not in shop
Chaos: not in shop
Creation: not in shop
Life: not in shop
Guardian: not in shop
Harmony: not in shop

Game Command
/post - Global chat (cost 50.000.000 zen) (need lvl 20)
/pkclear - Clear Your PK (cost 50.000.000 zen)
/online - Who is online (cost 0 zen)
/str - Add points in strength (cost 1000 zen)
/dex - Add points in agility (cost 1000 zen)
/vit - Add points in vitality (cost 1000 zen)
/ene - Add points in energy (cost 1000 zen)
/com - Add points in command (for DL Only!) (cost 1000 zen)

60 Minutes
Golden Goblin
Golden Taikan
Golden Dragon
Golden Lizard
Golden Tantalos

Game Events
Blood Castle: Works
Devil Square: Works
Chaos Castle: Works
Golden Dragon: Works
Red Dragon: Works
White Wizzard: Works
Crywolf: Works
Castle Siege: Works
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