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 L2 Abyssal x3000 custom INTERLUDE

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Data de înscriere : 08/12/2012

MesajSubiect: L2 Abyssal x3000 custom INTERLUDE   Sam Dec 08, 2012 1:02 pm

L2 Abyssal x3000 custom

The balance between classes is more than good so i won't listen those who just enter with +0 and start swearing about balance.

Server Rates
# XP Rate: 3000x
# Adena: 3000x
# Max Enchant +20
# Safe Enchant +4

# Normal Scroll Rate: 90% ( Gm Shop , Price Adena )
# Blessed Scroll Rate: 90% ( Farm Zone )

# From Enchanter Npc with 100% chance. (work with vote coin)

Special Features
# New commands that you can use in-game.
# Pvp zone with auto-flag and nobless.
# Special npc's ( see above).
# Custom farm zones.
# Custom droplist on Raid Bosses.
# Advanced Community board.
# Main town: Talking Island.
# Special items ( see them in-game).

Other & Custom Systems
# New character start with 500kk adena
# Max Subclasses = 3
# All skills working
# Starting lvl 1
# Custom NPC in Clan Halls!
# Custom Armors/Weapons
# Buff time: 3 hours
# Olympiad: 18:00 - 00:00 GMT+2, every week hero
# Armor type penalty (if the player dont have armor mastery for the armor he use,he gonna have penalty)
# Balanced Class (everyday update for perfect balance)
# Raid Bosses Jewelers in Custom Shop ( need special adena )
# Pvp color system
# Custom Zones
# Wedding, Fishing Systems
# 100% Castle Sieges

Augment Features
Max Augments per char 2 ( 1 active + 1 passive )
Top-Grade Life Stone Skill Chance - 20%

Fully reworked retail like olympiad
# Olympiad Cycle = 1 Weeks
# skills are reused after teleport on stadion,
# players with same IP can not fight together,
# teleport back to town right after match end,

Custom clan reputation system
# Custom reputation coins can be obtained by voting
# The CRP item increases 300 clan points
# Custom RaidBoss with CRP item drop

Custom NPC
# Custom Gatekeeper for all our special zones
# Full Shop with custom buylists too
# Enchant Armor/Weapon NPC give you 100% enchant chance
# Wedding Manager
# Full Buffer(36 Buff Slots)
# All subclas Npc in main town
# Skill enchanter in main town
# Class changer in main town
# Event NPC
# Change password NPC

Custom Command System
.menu - you can set from there trade/ chat/ exp gaining.
.info - show you all our special commands.
.topplayers - show info with rankings and more
.votereward - you can pick from there things with vote coin

We are running on a dedicated server with full dDos protection.

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L2 Abyssal x3000 custom INTERLUDE
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